Why Choose Us?


19 years of experience in manufacturing rock panels/glass, using high-performance production equipment to produce high-quality rock panels/glass.


We provide a reasonable procurement plan, support minimum order quantity, and accept personalized customization from customers, with free samples.


A professional after-sales service team helps customers solve product problems, respond quickly, solve problems quickly, and eliminate any worries for customers.

Sintered Stone Support Customization

Multiple patterned sintered stone can be selected, supporting customization of various sintered stone shapes

Product Classification

Foshan Zeling Furniture Co., Ltd.

About Us

Foshan Zeling Furniture Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiefar Glass Rock Panel Processing Factory, was established in 2005. It is a professional company dedicated to the deep processing of various specifications of glass/sintered stone. The main products include: customized furniture sintered stone countertops, applications for floor and wall sintered stone, furniture glass, tempered glass, decorative glass (frosted, painted, stickered, printed), and mirrored glass. With leading-edge research and development capabilities, advanced equipment with excellent performance, a proactive management team, a commitment to exceptionally high quality, continuously improving after-sales service, and a forward-thinking business strategy, the company has established stable supply channels in the intense market competition, providing a secure and worry-free procurement solution for a wide range of customers. We support minimum order quantities and accept personalized customization from customers, providing free samples. We are committed to allowing customers to understand us first, grow together, and achieve win-win cooperation!
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