Tea Table Sintered Stone
  • Tea Table Sintered StoneTea Table Sintered Stone
  • Tea Table Sintered StoneTea Table Sintered Stone

Tea Table Sintered Stone

Tea table sintered stone is a material used for architectural decoration and structural insulation. The material of coffee table rock slab is harder than normal solid wood coffee table, acid-resistant, scratch-resistant and other characteristics. Our company has specialized in processing rock slabs for 20 years, please rest assured that we will meet your needs with quality assurance!

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Product Description

Tea table sintered stone is easy to clean and can be kept clean and sanitary by simply wiping it down with a mild detergent.Tea table sintered stone is often a popular option in coffee table manufacturing companies because of its ability to provide an aesthetically pleasing and durable product.

Available sizes:

1300*700*6/9/12 (mm)

1400*800*6/9/12 (mm)

1800*900*6/9/12 (mm)

2000*900*6/9/12 (mm)

1200*2400*9/12 (mm)

1200*2700*9/12 (mm)

1600*3200*9/12 (mm)

Parameter of Sintered Stone for Tea tables:

1.Size: support customization

2.Material: sintered stone

3.Color and texture: optional color and texture style

4.Structure: cabinet structure, door structure

5.Surface treatment: frosted, smooth, matte, glossy, etc.

6.Packaging: Packaging method, packaging specifications

Advantages of Sintered Stone for Tea tables:

1.Tea table sintered stone has excellent abrasion resistance and temperature resistance, able to withstand the long-term wear and tear of daily use and high-temperature environment.

2.Its smooth and delicate surface, rich in color, can add elegant decorative effect for the tea table.

3.Tea table sintered stone is easy to clean, just a simple wipe can easily keep clean and tidy, reducing the trouble of daily maintenance.

4.Because of its durability and beauty, tea table sintered stone has become a popular choice for home decoration, bringing a long-lasting experience to the home environment.

Feature and Applications of Sintered Stone for Tea tables:

1.Tea table sintered stone is widely used in the production of tea tables for its smooth and delicate characteristics, and its abrasion and temperature resistance enables it to maintain long-lasting beauty in daily use.

2.Its superior performance and beautiful appearance make tea table sintered stone popular in home decor, injecting a high-quality decorative element into the home environment.

3.Tea table sintered stone has a wide range of applications, not only can be used in the production of home tea table, but also commonly used in restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial places of decoration.

Details of Sintered Stone for Tea tables:

The details of the coffee table sintered stone are shown in its smooth and even surface, finely finished edges, uniform and consistent color, precise dimensions, and easy to clean and stain resistant properties. These details ensure the high quality and beauty of coffee table sintered stone, making it ideal for coffee table making.

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