Bathtub Sintered Stone
  • Bathtub Sintered StoneBathtub Sintered Stone
  • Bathtub Sintered StoneBathtub Sintered Stone

Bathtub Sintered Stone

Bathtub sintered stone, like a side of amber-like works of art, its texture is delicate and smooth, as if a touch of warm breeze.Our company specializes in the manufacture and design of bathtub sintered stone, with the craftsmanship of stone craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of quality for the industry leader.

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Product Description

Bathtub sintered stone its unique material and structural design, so that when soaking in the water exudes a natural fragrance, as if in the stream in a comfortable environment. Not only that, its excellent thermal insulation performance is to make bathing become a luxury enjoyment, so that the body and mind in the warmth of the relaxation, to release stress and fatigue.

Available sizes:

1300*700*6/9/12 (mm)

1400*800*6/9/12 (mm)

1800*900*6/9/12 (mm)

2000*900*6/9/12 (mm)

1200*2400*9/12 (mm)

1200*2700*9/12 (mm)

1600*3200*9/12 (mm)

Parameter of Sintered Stone for bathtub:

1.Size: support customization

2.Material: sintered stone

3.Color and texture: optional color and texture style

4.Structure: cabinet structure, door structure

5.Surface treatment: frosted, smooth, matte, glossy, etc.

6.Packaging: Packaging method, packaging specifications

Advantages of Sintered Stone for bathtub:

1, Bathtub sintered stone has anti-fouling and anti-bacterial ability makes cleaning easy and pleasant, and reduces the worries and burdens in life.

2, bathtub sintered stone unique design style and a wealth of color choices, to meet the individual needs of different customers, to create a unique bathroom space.

3, bathtub sintered stone has exquisite production technology and high quality raw materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the product, so that customers enjoy lasting comfort and peace of mind in use.

Feature and Applications of Sintered Stone for bathtub:

Bathtub sintered stone, as if it were a gift of nature, with its smooth silk and jade-like texture, you can feel the warmth of that nature by gently touching it. In modern life, it is no longer a simple bath set, but a source of inspiration for a mesmerizing bathroom experience. With smooth lines and unique design, it is like a piece of poetic waters, leading people to immerse in peace and comfort.

Details of Sintered Stone for dining table:

The detailed design of the bathtub sintered stone even highlights the craftsmanship and quality pursuit. Every curve and edge is carefully carved to make the touch comfortable and delicate, without leaving a single flaw. The unique anti-slip treatment and anti-bacterial technology provide users with safety and health protection, allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of bathing while having a worry-free experience.

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