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Window Printing Glass
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Window Printing Glass

Window printing glass is a kind of glass treated with a special process to add decorative effect to windows and enhance the interior aesthetics by printing exquisite patterns or designs on the surface of the glass. Our company is committed to providing high-quality products and professional services to our customers by adhering to the philosophy of innovation and quality first.

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Product Description

Window printing glass, like a window of art, after precision printing, the light and color intertwined, become a bright landscape in the room, for the living room injected a beautiful and warm, bring a unique artistic atmosphere and visual enjoyment.

Parameter of Printing Glass for window:

1.Thickness: 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm

2.Material: Glass

3.Specifications: Support customization

4.Size: 1300mm×700mm, 1400mm×800mm, 1800mm×900mm, 2000mm×900mm,2400mm×1200mm, 1600mm×3200mm, 1200mm×2700mm

Advantages of Printing Glass for window:

1.Decorative effect: Printed glass in windows can add beauty and artistic ambiance to an interior space, allowing light to pass through the print in a unique light and shadow effect.

2.Privacy: Printed window glass can reduce the transparency of the window, providing a certain degree of privacy protection, while still maintaining the transparency of the light to keep the room bright.

3.Durability : After special treatment of the glass surface, the printed pattern is not easy to fade, has a strong durability, can be maintained for a long time beautiful.

4.Customization: Printing patterns of different styles can be customized according to customers' needs to meet the needs of different decoration styles, with high design flexibility.

Feature and Applications of Printing Glass for window:

Window printing glass is widely used in interior decoration for its advantages of decorative effect, privacy protection and environmental health. It is commonly used on windows in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. It can also be used for doors, windows, partitions and other decorative purposes. By matching different styles of prints, you can create a different interior space, enhance the overall decorative effect, and increase the artistic sense and comfort of the house.

Details of Printing Glass for window:

The production process of window printing glass is delicate and complex, firstly selecting high-quality glass, after cleaning and frosting treatment, then using high-precision printing technology to print patterns on the surface of the glass, followed by curing and coating the protective layer, and finally, after inspection and packaging, completing the production process and presenting exquisite printed glass products.

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