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Desk Sintered Stone

Desk sintered stone, like the poetry of the earth unfolding in stone, has a texture like the delicate pages of a book, flowing gently between your fingertips.Our company's ingenious craftsmanship and relentless pursuit of quality have earned us the trust and praise of our customers, and we have become a highly respected leader in the industry.

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Product Description

In the modern living room, the desk sintered stone is no longer an ordinary workbench, it is a mixture of silence and inspiration. With its simple metal bracket and exquisite design, it is like a book that opens the door to wisdom, injecting a sense of tranquility and elegance into the work area. Its unique thermal insulation and scratch-resistant properties bring comfort and convenience to writing and thinking.

Available sizes:

1300*700*6/9/12 (mm)

1400*800*6/9/12 (mm)

1800*900*6/9/12 (mm)

2000*900*6/9/12 (mm)

1200*2400*9/12 (mm)

1200*2700*9/12 (mm)

1600*3200*9/12 (mm)

Parameter of Sintered Stone for desk:

1.Size: support customization

2.Material: sintered stone

3.Color and texture: optional color and texture style

4.Structure: cabinet structure, door structure

5.Surface treatment: frosted, smooth, matte, glossy, etc.

6.Packaging: Packaging method, packaging specifications

Advantages of Sintered Stone for desk:

1, desk sintered stone surface after special treatment, not easy to be contaminated and scratched, keep clean as new.

2, desk sintered stone has a unique texture pattern and color options, can meet the aesthetic needs of different users, to create a unique writing space.

3, desk sintered stone has excellent shock resistance, not easy to external impact or extrusion, to maintain long-term stability and durability.

Feature and Applications of Sintered Stone for desk:

The desk sintered stone, like the cohesion of the wisdom of the earth, its texture is like the waves of thought, flowing in the workroom. In the modern office environment, it is not only a simple workstation, but also a mingling of inspiration and creativity. With simple metal bracket and exquisite design, it is like a book that opens the door of wisdom, injecting a quiet and elegant work area.

Details of Sintered Stone for desk:

Desk sintered stone, each piece of stone has been carefully designed, the texture is delicate and picturesque, as if the memory of the earth left a deep imprint on its surface. Its edge treatment is exquisite and smooth, and the touch is as comfortable as silk, bringing users a delicate touch experience. Its texture design is unique and diverse, just like a natural encyclopedia, exuding unique charm, adding a natural and vitality to the workspace.

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