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Bathroom Glass

Bathroom glass is a type of glass product specialized for bathroom doors, bathroom partitions and other places.We focus on product quality and customer experience, always put the interests of our customers first, and strive to create higher value for our customers.

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Product Description

Bathroom glass is usually made of tempered or laminated glass, which has high strength and safety. It can effectively isolate the space inside and outside the bathroom and protect the user's privacy, while keeping the bathroom space bright and airy.

Parameter of Glass for bathroom:

1.Thickness: 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm

2.Material: Glass

3.Specifications: Support customization

4.Size: 1300mm×700mm, 1400mm×800mm, 1800mm×900mm, 2000mm×900mm, 2400mm×1200mm, 1600mm×3200mm, 1200mm×2700mm

Advantages of Glass for bathroom:

1.Waterproof: The bathroom glass is specially treated with good waterproof performance, which can effectively prevent water vapor penetration and keep the bathroom dry and clean.

2.Easy to clean: The surface of bathroom glass is smooth and flat, not easy to attach dirt, easy to clean, keep the glass clean and bright.

3.Corrosion resistance: bathroom glass is made of special materials with good corrosion resistance, able to resist the erosion of chemicals and moisture on the glass in the bathroom.

4.Aesthetics: Bathroom glass has high transparency, which can make the bathroom space brighter and more transparent, and at the same time, it has a modern and simple appearance, which adds beauty to the bathroom.

Feature and Applications of Glass for bathroom:

Bathroom glass is characterized by its waterproof, easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and safe properties. These features make bathroom glass an ideal choice for bathroom decoration, commonly used in bathroom doors, shower partitions, bathtub surrounds and other locations. Through clever design and matching, bathroom glass can enhance the overall quality of the bathroom, creating a comfortable, safe and beautiful bathroom space.

Details of Glass for bathroom:

The details of bathroom glazing include the thickness of the glass, the finish of the glass surface, the fixing method, and the choice of sealing tape. The right thickness and type of glass ensures the strength of the glass, and these details have a direct impact on the safety, aesthetics and longevity of the bathroom glass.

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